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Tree planting companies’ finest urban solutions

Planting trees in urban areas without them interfering with infrastructure or utilities buried underground is one of the greatest challenges tree planting companies face. Provided insufficient space for their roots, trees may die prematurely as they might be unable to absorb the necessary amount of water to survive. Treebuilders supports tree planting companies with solutions that can overcome these difficulties, allowing trees and other foliage to thrive in an urban environment. Such solutions improve the environment without damaging urban infrastructure – a true win-win!

Solve water runoff issues with a bioretention system

Tree planting companies occasionally run into the problem of excess storm water in urban spaces that lack proper runoff options. To solve such issues sustainably, a Treebuilders bioretention system is the perfect option. After all, urban areas feature limited greenery and a high percentage of impervious surfaces, both of which impede the natural water balance. Such changes lead to a far greater discharge of waste water than necessary, in addition to poor water runoff conditions. No fear, however – Treebuilders has come up with a bioretention system which solves such issues perfectly. Get in touch with them to discover how their company can assist you in your current situation.

A fitting solution for any aquatic or arboreal challenges

If you or your company are in need of a bioretention system or a tree growth solution in urban areas, Treebuilders is the partner for you. Their systems support and sustain the growth of large trees and provide onsite storm water management wherever you need it. Their modular systems can provide any city with a green and healthy atmosphere. Interested in Treebuilders’ products and solutions? Get in touch with them right away and they’ll be happy to help you out. They will analyze your situation, and come up with a fitting solution. Go sustainable; go Treebuilders!

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