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How To Return Your Office To Normal After Coronavirus

Many changes have been made to the office in the form of seating plans, office numbers and the furniture and screens used. It now feels like the new normal and we can’t imagine going back to how we worked before, but in reality, changes are still to be made until we find the perfect balance as we learn to live with the prospect of COVID-19.

The word normal has been used to describe our lives from the past, but if the truth be told, do we know what normal is anymore? If one thing has come from the worldwide pandemic, it’s to show how we can adapt and work together during extraordinarily hard times.

Our workplace as we know it is no more, but that hasn’t been filled with negatives. If anything, businesses have learned new ways to work and in some cases has completely changed the structure and forced some modern working techniques.

This leads us to think about how the office will adapt again, what changes will stay and what will return to live as we know it.

One of the biggest adaptations has been working remotely, so it’s possible that flexible working and remote working is on the cards for those businesses that can continue to work to their full potential, even when not in the office.

Acrylic & laminate office screening has seen a significant rise for the anti-bacterial and sterile purposes. And we don’t think these will be gone in a hurry. At this current time vaccines are being rolled out, with the younger generation still in the queue, so at least whilst not everyone is vaccination, social distancing will be required.

Another new addition to the office has been sanitiser and regular hand washing (outside of the bathroom), a step we didn’t do so religiously before. Habits are hard to break and with cleanliness in the forefront of our minds, it’s likely employers will be providing sanitiser for the foreseeable future.

All in all, the office will be different for a while but in time we’ll be able to remove the screening and sit closer to our colleagues. However, whilst we are still fighting back against the virus, any precautions are to remain in place until we safe without them.