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World Of Warcraft Classic: Naxxramas Is Here

Phase 6 of World of Warcraft Classic will start soon, and is already available on the Public Test Realm. Players will have the opportunity to visit Naxxramas, a necropolis that floats above the Plaguelands. Naxxramas was the final raid of the original World of Warcraft and veteran and newcomers will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover this undead stronghold and reveal its secrets.

Saying that players spent hours roaming through Naxxramas in the original WOW is an understatement. In 2006, this 40 player raid was introduced in the game with patch 1.11. Naxxramas is home to the Lich Kel’Thuzad, an officer of the Lich King and one of the most dreaded agents of the scourge. In Naxxramas, you will also fight Sapphiron, a former agent of the blue Dragonflight, slain by Arthas and later raised as a frost wyvern to defend Naxxramas.

Before going in, please be careful, this raid requires a minimum of preparation and is accessible to level 60 players. The quest to enter Naxxramas is given by Archmage Angela Dosantos in the Eastern Plaguelands with various items to gathers according to your reputation with Argent Dawn. Make sure to bring potions to protect your character against frost, shadow and fire, the raid is notoriously difficult and a bad preparation will lead to a premature death.

For the moment, the raid is only accessible at certain times and the launch date has not been announced yet, but you can already visit some sections of Naxxramas. The patch adds new items and content to the game for the pleasure of the most dedicated fans. You will now be able to complete PvP objectives in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands, or use the Argent Dawn token system in order to gain more gear.

The patch will also fix various bugs and issues experienced by the users. For example,the Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether will no longer stop functioning for Priests who have the Spirit of redemption talent when they log out with the object equipped and come back in the game. The Improved Weapon Totems of the shaman has been fixed, and does not affect its other party members anymore.

Other bugs like terrain exploits in Booty Bay or the delay in the recast of the Auto Shot for a Hunter have also been fixed. Overall, we can see that WOW Classic is still following the steps of the original game. Let us hope that it will attract new players to the game.

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(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)