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Why you need mushrooms in your life

Why you need mushrooms in your life

When you think of mushrooms, you think of a funghi pasta, a tasty risotto or perhaps you are familiar with pchycadelic mushrooms. In any case, it is already magical how much these little mushrooms, in all their forms, have to offer. Did you know that many mushrooms have healing qualities? That is why you might have heard of medicinal mushrooms quite a few times. Do you suffer elevated inflammation levels, a lowered immune system or difficult skin? If so, read on! Perhaps there is a mushroom that can help you reduce your symptoms or even help you get rid of them.

In case of high stress, unstable blood sugar or astma

When you suffer a high amount of stress, an unstable blood sugar level or asthma, the Reishi mushroom can relieve your troubles. The Chinese name for this mushroom is ‘Lingzi’ which also means ‘the mushroom of immortality’. Don’t worry, by taking this mushroom you are not really immortal. It does, however, help you against many symptoms that arise from prolonged stress, such as an increased risk of inflammation, unstable energy levels, damaged blood vessels and hormonal imbalances. The Reishi mushroom will help your body make more white blood cells which are responsible for fighting off any bad cells in your body. It’s a real good booster for your immune system. The mushrooms can be eaten raw or digested through a capsule in powder form. 

In case of a weak immune system or bad skin

The Turkey Tail is also a really good booster for your immune system. The mushroom is also known as Coriolos Versicolor and has its origin in Turkey. The Turkey tail has strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties and is a great source of energy. When you have a weak immune system or trouble with your skin, this mushroom could really make your life a lot better. Because of its qualities it is known to modulate the immune system to fight of germs and infections a lot stronger. Besides, the Vitamin E present in this mushroom will really improve the health of your skin. 

The mushroom for better brain function and lower cholesterol

The last mushroom we want to introduce is the ‘Lion’s Mane’. This mushroom owes its name to the way it looks in nature. Because of its hairy appearance, the mushroom looks just like the mane of a lion. This fungus ensures that your memory, concentration, and nervousness control are greatly improved. It not only supports your brain and learning ability, but it also seems to be good for your cholesterol.   

Where to find the mushrooms? 

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