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Use a double deck trailer and minimize your carbon footprint

Suppose you have a contract to transport goods from one place to another. Of course, you’ll be wanting to do this as efficiently as possible; both for your wallet’s and the environment’s sake! Should the goods you are transporting be voluminous, such as matrasses or foam products? At  Blankers Transport, they have the perfect solution for your challenges. They use many specialized trucks in their fleet, including models with double loading floors. Such trailers are capable of loading far more product in one go than regular models, saving you money, time and emissions! Blankers Transport has a fleet of over 40 trucks ready to transport your goods wherever they need to go in Europe. Read on, and discover how they can accomplish this for you.

Loading floors: how can they generate savings?

Blankers Transport’s specialized trucks load goods normally. However, their construction also enables double or triple stacking of non-frangible cargo. The hydraulic lift mechanism featured in their double deck trailer makes it possible to compress goods that won’t be damaged in the process. As soon as the first deck is loaded, it will be lifted, making room for a secondary load on the deck below. When all floors have been fully loaded, they can be lowered into position for transit. Goods compressed in this manner take up less space, occasionally allowing transit with just one truck instead of two or three. Naturally, this lowers your overall transportation costs, saves your business time and reduces emissions to protect the environment. As such, it is clearly the superior option when it’s available for use.

Discuss the possibilities today

Need a trailer with a single or double deck? At Blankers Transport, you will always get the best equipment for your transport needs. Their employees are happy to assist, and will gladly think along with you to determine the right transportation materiel for your logistics needs. Get in touch with them today and resolve any transportation issues in the blink of an eye!