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This company offers you high-quality whey protein concentrates

Are you looking for a company that offers high-quality whey protein concentrates? Then discover the products and services that Interfood has to offer you. Interfood is a leading global dairy supplier with 14 offices all around the world and more than 300 employees working here. Each year they distribute over 1,100,000 MT of dairy products worldwide, including whey protein concentrates. Over the years, a lot of (business-to-business) clients have benefited from the high-quality whey protein concentrates for a great variety of manufacturing processes. Are you curious why these clients choose Interfood as their supplier over and over again? Read on!

High-quality whey protein concentrates with many benefits

The whey protein concentrates of this company are developed with great expertise and care. The concentrates are manufactured largely from sweet cheese. The process includes ultra-filtration, evaporation, and spray drying, which gives the proteins a sweet and milky flavor. This is a delicious taste that is loved by many! Besides the delicious flavor, whey protein concentrates provide a lot of health benefits. It is considered a complete protein and is therefore commonly used as a supplement, mainly by sporty people. If taken regularly, the concentrates help improve muscle growth or weight loss. Another nice benefit is that the whey protein concentrates are low in lactose content, which makes it safe to use for people who are lactose intolerant. To conclude, all dairy products (including the whey protein concentrates) are manufactured following the highest food safety regulations. As you can see: there are enough benefits to get your whey protein concentrates from this supplier!

Contact these experts and learn more about their products and services

Are you convinced that Interfood is the dairy supplier for your whey protein concentrates? Or would you like to get more information about their products and services? You can easily get in touch with them 24/7. Their friendly experts are very willing to help you!