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Prevent a dietary cation anion difference with supplements produced by this company

Calcium is an important mineral for every dairy cow. Since calcium is one of the main minerals of milk, the intake of enough high-quality calcium minerals by your dairy cows is essential to produce good milk. Therefore, if you are a dairy cow farmer, you know how important it is to control the calcium intake of your cows. Especially after calving, when the calcium demand of dairy cows is at its highest, a calcium deficiency can occur. This calcium deficiency is caused by a dietary cation anion difference. If you have trouble balancing the dietary cation anion difference for your dairy cows, it can be helpful to add supplements and additives to their feed. A company that offers such high-quality supplements and additives is Kimtec International. These experts developed supplements that reduce the calcium deficiency of dairy cows.

Supplements and additives for your dairy cows to your liking

The supplements and additives produced by Kimtec International help restore the calcium levels of your dairy cows. These products help to balance the dietary cation anion difference for dairy cows. The specialists at this company have put a lot of effort and time into the development of these supplements and additives. All their products are produced and developed conform several regulations, such as HACCP and GMP+. They offer you the following products:

  • NPN-SR, which is a sustainable non-protein nitrogen source.
  • KatAn, which comes in three different types; KatAn Topdress, KatAn 10.000 and KatAn 13.000. This product consists of palatable anionic salts and reduces calcium deficiency in dairy cows while maintaining the DMI.
  • ProGlyc, which helps prevent clinical ketosis by an increase of blood glucose after the calving process.

Do you have any requests? The specialists of this company are very willing and open to discuss it with you, so they can customize products to your liking. Simply contact them and see what they can offer you!

Contact these specialists for more information

If you would like to know more about their products, their work methods or their philosophy, you can always get in touch with this company. Did you know that they ship their products around the world? This means that even if you are not US-based, you can still place an order. If you are looking for a reliable dealer of animal feed supplements, Kimtec International is the perfect partner for you.