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How we react to events

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It seems that everyone should have a completely different reaction. Gretchen Rubin, writer, popular blogger and author of the bestselling book Four Trends, believes that people are divided into 4 types depending on the reaction to certain events.


This type easily satisfies both external and internal expectations.


Such people doubt everything and therefore ask questions to themselves and to others. If external expectations seem appropriate to them, they will meet them; if not, they are unlikely. They meet their internal expectations in most cases.


They strive to meet external expectations, but they do not always cope with internal ones. Such was Rubin’s friend, who found time to train at school while her physical education teacher was waiting for her. When there was no one to stand above her soul, she could not bring herself to exercise regularly.


Resist both external and internal expectations.

These types are inherent in us by nature. They don’t depend on upbringing or anything that can be changed. But when we understand what type we are, it will be easier for us to understand ourselves and agree with ourselves. This knowledge of the four tendencies will help us better understand other people. Despite the fact that each of us has a small particle of any of the four types, there is still one basic type.

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