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How To Manage Your Exhibition Stand Traffic

The aim remains the same, but the execution will most definitely be different. Back in September 2019, your stand space would be open with visitors flowing in and out. No restrictions, no concerns and no face mask in sight.

As and when the exhibition halls open their doors, substantial changes will be made in order to adhere to the social distancing rules. However, by this time, we’ll all be well-versed with a 2m space needed when out and about.

Part of the excitement when planning your event is meeting new people and having in depth conversations to bring new customers on board. It may well be possible to do this, but with a 2m space and face mask, it won’t be quite as easy. In addition, your space capacity will be reduced with a potential need of a queueing system.

As we step in to the unknown, creativeness and innovative ideas have shone bright. Manufacturers and suppliers have to think outside the box to make sure events can go ahead with new and improved products. As we touched on early, the stand capacity could be up for question, but how can this matter be resolved?

Before allowing visitors on to the space, it’s important to determine how you can help them along with only allowing 1 person per group on to the space. This doesn’t seclude them from the space, as you’ll direct them to the viewing booths.

What is a view booth?

A viewing both can be created with freestanding screening to screen a number of sectioned booths that allow 1 person in at a time. With the booth facing toward your stand space, they’ll be able to look inside the stand space and admire your graphics and learn more about your business and services.

Designing the booth from an easy clean material is key, to ensure surfaces can be sanitised throughout the day.

Changes are to come in the world of exhibitions as we learn to work to new rules, but with the right imagination and tools, it’s without a doubt your exhibition stand will excel.