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Here is how to introduce follow-on milk to your baby

Here is how to introduce follow-on milk to your baby 

As your baby grows and develops, his or her body’s needs change. Your baby needs different nutrients than when it was just born. You will start to notice this in your baby’s energy. Chances are that he or she is much more active than in the beginning and plays a lot more, this happens about 6 months after birth. If you are bottle-feeding, this is also the right time to switch from infant milk to follow-on milk. In the beginning, your child may have to get used to this. That is why we give you some handy tips in this blog article to make the transition from infant milk to follow-on milk as smooth as possible. Read on if you are curious! 

The difference between infant milk and follow-on milk

As we mentioned in the introduction, your baby needs different nutrients as he or she grows older. When you breastfeed your child, this transition takes place gradually and your milk will adapt to your child’s needs. When you bottle-feed your child, the situation is slightly different. After 6 months of drinking infant milk, the baby’s iron reserves are depleted. The child has been able to build up this iron supply in the womb, but now it needs to be replenished to continue growing properly. This is why follow-on milk has different ingredients than infant milk. Besides iron, follow-on milk also contains more calcium, which your child needs for proper bone development. 

Switching to follow-on milk

The transition from infant milk to follow-on milk does not cause many problems for most babies, which makes the transition to follow-on milk very smooth. However, it is advisable to stick to the same brand. There can certainly be differences in taste from one brand to another, and this is something your child will notice. Did you use Holle baby formula for infant milk, for instance? Then also order the follow-up version of the Holle baby formula. This way you can be sure that your baby will not be bothered by the different tastes. You can get Holle baby formula at dutchbabyshop.com. Do you notice that your child finds the switch too big despite using the same brand? Then you can also choose to mix the different kinds of milk during the first period. You can start with 3 scoops for 3 scoops and then build up the difference gradually.