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Choose a sustainable belt dryer to optimise your drying process

A bespoke belt dryer from Dutch Dryers BV guarantees optimum drying results for miscellaneous applications. One of the biggest advantages of a belt dryer is that drying results are achieved while using low value and/or residual heat. This makes it an eco-friendly drying solution. The belt dryer can be used for multiple situations. For example, it is the ideal answer if you are looking for a way to turn matters with a high moisture level into a usable dry product. The belt dryer dries the matter thanks to a flow of hot air that has a temperature of over 50 °C. As said before, low value or residual heat is sufficient to obtain a sustainable drying manner. Through transporting the to be dried material on a moving conveyor belt, the hot air is ‘sucked’ through the material to maximise the drying process.

Which dryer is the perfect solution for your company?

When drying capacity is at a minimal level, the belt dryer is the most sustainable solution for your company. If you are looking for a specialist in manufacturing belt dryers, then Dutch Dryers BV is the best choice for you. Development as well as the manufacturing process of the belt dryer is all undertaken in-house to ensure optimum quality. Moreover, by retention of the processes you are guaranteed of quick delivery all throughout Europe, from Servia to the Netherlands.

Request a business case for a bespoke dryer

The engineers at Dutch Dryers BV are more than happy to work out a business case for you, whether it is for a belt dryer, drum dryer or a combination of the two solutions. Thanks to a proper assessment of your needs and wishes, you will always receive a dryer tailored to your processes. Do not hesitate to contact these professionals by requesting a quote on the website or giving their head office in the Netherlands a call.


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