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Breeding software to organize your data

Do have an agricultural company and are you looking for the best software solutions out there? Meet Agro Business Solutions (ABS). They have created software solutions that benefit agricultural companies in the Netherlands and far beyond. They provide software solutions for a variety of agricultural companies. Whether you use it for flowers, vegetables, fruits or field crops – their software programs supports it all. The ABS agricultural software solutions provide you with the analytical tools you need for effective management of business activities. Are you specifically looking for breeding software? Then they have the right software for you. It supports all main processes surrounding plant breeding, seed multiplication, and fresh produce in real time!

A multi-user application

The ABS breeding software program is indispensable for breeders worldwide. It is designed for organizations who want to have their data organized, centralized and easily accessible. Agro Business Solutions has offers the ABS Breeding, which is a multi-user application that can safely be accessed from different locations and by different users at the same time. It is the perfect software program for every breeding company out there! The breeding software program can even be customized to fit your personal needs as a breeder. ABS Breeding is very cost-friendly, as it does not require you to have your own IT-infrastructure.

The software can be customized to fit your needs

The breeding software can be used both by small businesses and multinational corporations. Besides that, the software solutions can be customized to fit your every need and they continue to grow as your company grows. Do you want to track everything that happens in your agriculture supply chain with a software solution that traces all activities from seed lot to delivery? As a breeder, it is worth your while to invest in this high-quality breeding software program from ABS. Get in contact with them if you have any questions about their software.