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Are you looking for help to create your own book?

Thanks to Speak Your Own Book, a woman-owned-and-operated company, you can rely on a professional team to help create your own book. With their expertise and help, your book will be written in no time. Thanks to their broad knowledge in editing and publishing, they can help you with works of fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books, history books and more. All of these genres have their own little ways and they help you acquire the right tone of voice in your book. As such, your book will be a great success!

Create your own book with an innovative method

Talking about your idea can be much more obvious than writing it down. As such, the team of this company provide a few specific services in which you talk and they write. The first option is to book a brainstorming session in which they ask 50 questions, personalized regarding your bookish idea, and transcribe it into a book outline. This outline can help you as it serves as the base of your book. Another option is to entrust them during a guided speak-writing session. During this session, they pose you several questions about each chapter of your book, write it down and transcribe it for more clarity. Then you can use this written-out interview to deepen your chapters. After your book is completed, you can count on them to revise, edit and proofread your book. With these services, it will become child’s play to create your own book in a structured way.

Trust your process with their help

Are you ready to create your own book with the help of professionals? Are your ready to receive professional tips to write a book that actually help? Take a look at the website of Speak Your Own Book and discover the many services they offer you. Make writing a book less stressful and more.