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An ultrapure water system that is cost-efficient and eco-friendly

(C)EDI is one of the most innovative ways to gain pure water for industrial purposes. By removing specific elements from the water, you purify the water to such a degree that no unwanted elements reside in it. These unwanted elements are ions, organics, gases, and more. The (C)EDI systems from Iontech® are a continuous process that does not involve chemicals. This ensures a constant water quality whilst being more eco-friendly as well! In addition, this system does not require frequent maintenance! In other words, it is a cost-effective solution to purify water.

Reasons to choose the expertise of these specialists

An ultrapure system is indispensable in industries such as the power, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and food industry. Healthy drinking and washing water are not its only appliances! The ultrapure water system, also known as a (C)EDI system, continuously electrodeionizes water so there are no residues or harmful substances left in the water. Have you decided to implement a water system from Iontech®? Then you have access to their worldwide 24/7 support and module repair service. If one of de modules of your ultrapure water system breaks down, Iontech® focuses on simply repairing the required components for repairs and technical improvements. This prevents a very expensive operation on your behalf while maintaining high water purity!  

Order your (C)EDI-system now!

Thanks to their short lead times you rapidly receive a ultrapure water system that completely fits the needs of your industry. All of the ultrapure water systems are produced in Europe but are shipped worldwide – from Germany and France to Canada and the United States. Would you like more advice on the implementation of an ultrapure water system? Make sure to contact the experts over at Iontech® to discuss the possibilities for a (C)EDI-module in your industry. You can find the contact information on their website.