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These custom-made grab cranes are the best option out there

When handling big volumes of materials, you need quality, endurance and low maintenance. When you want to get the job done, you need machinery that is build to last and that is rigid. At PLM Cranes they can equip you with high quality grab cranes for every conceivable job. These can be used for dredging, bulk handling or stevedoring. This company makes custom designs for every client and make sure the end product does exactly what you need it to do. So, for whatever project you have coming up, PLM Cranes can help you in designing and building the best possible grab cranes. Read on to discover what your options are.

What is possible with these grab cranes?

PLM Cranes has become a world leading grab cranes and dredgers manufacturer. They create grab cranes with unique designs for companies all over the world. There are many different options when designing your grab crane. For instance, you can choose from many different undercarriages. Choose between a pedestal, a gantry, a rail, rubber tires or a crawler. However, special undercarriages can be made on request as well. Their lifting capacity normally lies between 2 and 50 tons. Grab cranes with a higher lifting capacity, can be designed per your request.

What else does PLM Cranes do?

All grab cranes from PLM Cranes are very low-maintenance. However, when they do need any repairs or revisions, this company can do this for you as well. They offer professional technical support to all their clients and can deliver spare parts to your location. Next to that, they do commissioning and testing on grab cranes to make sure they function properly. PLM Cranes is an all-round service partner when it comes to your grab cranes. Do you have any questions? Make sure to get in touch by calling them or by sending an email.