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The Growth of Traffic Management Technology

Not long after the internet became available, the Internet of Things started taking over. In every part of our lives, technology has a part in it, making it difficult to now survive without it. Decades after the invention of the internet, technology has made its way into many different things including traffic management. Many things used in traffic management classifies as technology. Traffic lights and pedestrian signals are just a tiny part of it all. The technology for traffic management also has seen plenty of growth throughout the years. And every time there is another advancement in technology, more growth will be made. Check out these interesting traffic management tech that makes things safer and better organized.

New and improved parking sensors

The normal parking sensors have been improved following some technological advancements. Now they are capable of automatically detecting all of the vehicles, cars, trucks, motorbikes, etc, in parking lots. The new and improved parking sensors collect all the information it detects and saves it in order for the data to be used to execute the rules of the parking lot. 

If these improved automatic parking sensors were to be installed in various parking lots, they can be used to distribute the information it detects to drivers. The drivers will then have a live feed of the parking lot and will have an easier time finding a space to park in. The congestion of cars will lessen a great deal and the stress of not finding an empty spot will also be lowered.

Long range radio frequency identification 

The long range radio frequency identification system, or RFID for short, is used to track and identify objects. It is most known to be used for identifying and tracking vehicles permitted in restricted areas such as gated neighborhoods or parking lots for organizations. It works by placing the RFID tag onto what needs to be tracked and identified. The RFID reader that’s responsible for identifying the tag will be placed in a necessary location, in the case of tracking vehicles, it will be placed at the entrances of the restricted areas. The RFID reader will identify the tag automatically once it’s close enough. At nedapidentification.com you can find more information about long range RFIDs.

Automatic number plate recognition

The automatic number plate recognition technology is used most notably by law enforcement. With this technology, they can scan and collect the number plate information of vehicles that drive by automatically. Law enforcement officials make use of this technology to be able to find missing or stolen vehicles faster, and also to catch wanted criminals or missing people.