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How to import cars from foreign regions such as Dubai and Japan?

Do you wish to import cars from a far-flung country to your own? Because you wish to offer exclusive cars to your customers? Or because you wish to treat yourself to the car of your dreams? Whatever the reason and regardless of the country of origin, importing cars from abroad takes a lot of work. Even more so if you wish to import cars from exotic locations such as Dubai or Japan. For one, it takes a lot of organization. You have to get the cars from their current owner to a sea port or airport and from there to your own country and your business or home. Naturally, this also requires a lot of paperwork. From paperwork to close the deal dealing with the red tape that customs all over the world demand. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with all this on your own. Just rely on an experienced partner.

Your partner for car import

The best thing to do when importing cars from Japan, Dubai or other far-away regions is to rely on a partner which has a lot of experience in dealing with these countries. That is exactly what Marlog Car Handling can offer you. This company specializes in the import and export of cars, classics and motorcycles. In Dubai, for instance, the company has signed several agreements and has an extensive network of local agents. These forwarders specialize in loading and unloading your cars with the utmost care. That way, you can be sure that your vehicles arrive in pristine condition.

Safe international payment and other services

Whether you wish to import cars from Canada, the States, Dubai or Japan, Marlog Car Handling can arrange the entire process for you. From filling in the necessary paperwork to arranging inland transport, ocean freight and handling. The company even offers safe international transaction through means of the Escrow Service. This is a cooperation between local agents in Dubai and the USA, where you direct the payment for your cars to the agent, who in turn will pay the seller of the vehicle. This happens when the car is picked up. Do you wish to know more or do you want to get started importing cars right away? Either way, all you have to do is contact Marlog Car Handling and they will get started for you.