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Buy stud bolt caps from a trusted provider

BoltShield® caps are screw-on metal caps designed to protect nuts and stud bolt assemblies from sustaining damage to their threads and experiencing dirt fouling. Such measures make a significant difference in preventing rust and corrosion. The BoltShield® metal protection cap system is manufactured from stainless steel, with an integrated female thread allowing them to simply be screwed on to an exposed stud bolt. As such they ensure a firmly fixed bolt by matching the bolt thread to the cap. BoltShield® has been designed from the ground up for manual installation. With the ease of use that comes with a no-tools-required design, they can be easily installed and removed when necessary. Do you want to buy these BoltShield® caps? HBS Solutions B.V. is the only licensed dealer in the Benelux carrying these assemblies.

Protective caps and other materials

HBS Solutions B.V. offers fasteners and stud bolts with TAKECOAT 1000, a special coating that is resistant against extreme servicing conditions mainly in offshore purposes. Next to the supply of materials, this expertise company also offers varying services, such as:

  • Engineering and manufacturing of deviating quantities, sizes, or other special specifications for your stud bolts or other fasteners.
  • Service and maintenance provided directly on-site in urgent cases.
  • Trading and procurement in a cost-efficient manner with direct deliveries on-site.
  • Acting as a one-stop-shop for EPC-contractors by supplying fasteners, pipes, flanges, and other fitting materials.

Get in touch with the experts and explore the opportunities for your project

Are you in need of certified fasteners for your project, such as stud bolts and protective caps? Do not hesitate to contact the experts of HBS Solutions B.V. and request their advice or a quote. Send them a message via the contact form on the website or give them a call. They are happy to help you and will answer all your questions.