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Bring your machine to this electronic repair center

Do you work in an industry with medical equipment or other types of equipment? If so, you will find that after a number of years or perhaps even sooner, a defect can occur in your machine. In such a case it is not necessary to immediately purchase a completely new machine, contrary to what many people think. At mt unirepair you can have your machine repaired. This way you contribute to the circular economy, reduce waste and it is much cheaper to have your machine repaired at an electronic repair center than to buy a completely new machine at a new price.

All types of machines

This electronic repair center can repair all kinds of machines. Whether you have digital or 3D printers, automotive and shipbuilding machines or other mechanical engineering, all of these industries have machines that eventually break down. However, it is a shame if only one part breaks down and you then buy a completely new machine. When a part breaks down, mt unirepair will make sure that your machine is fixed and is in new condition again, so that you can continue your work. mt unirepair is strategically located in the Netherlands and can help you on site, but you can of course also bring your machine to this company. This also depends on the size and weight of the machine. For example, it is easier to bring a printer than a complete medical machine. You simply inform us of the problems you are experiencing with your technology, after which the expert staff will analyze the problem and get to work overhauling parts and repairing your machine.

Let them take care of your machines

Do you want to be able to focus on your core business? Then you don’t want to have to worry about broken machines. Fortunately, with this electronic repair center you don’t have to, because they take care of everything for you. On the company’s website, you will find an overview of all the services that are offered. Feel free to contact the specialists via the contact information on the website to make your preferences known.