Ballastless tracks that revolutionize the railway track construction process

A professional railway track construction process is an important technological aspect of the maintenance of infrastructure. This has changed over the years, and railway technology is developing nowadays as well. The specialists of Stabilrail know this, and therefore they have designed a groundbreaking method for milling concrete blocks, with which they create ballastless tracks that have many advantages. They are experts in the area of railway track construction process. The company is based in Belgium, so they are able to operate from a perfect location at both a national and an international level. Read more about their ballastless tracks, an innovative and especially cost effective method.

The great advantages of slab or ballastless tracks

With their newest ballastless tracks, also known as slab tracks, Stabirail ensures low maintenance costs, better ride comfort at high speeds and, first and foremost, superior stability. A shallower construction height is also a great advantage of their ballastless tracks. The tracks can be assembled directly on the concrete. The easy way of assembling the tracks guarantees, among the other great advantages, faster construction times at relatively low costs. For that reason, the technology of ballastless tracks has proven to be the most efficient solution in respect to the railway track construction process. Because of the longer lifespan of the ballastless tracks, they require low maintenance.

Three machines that work simultaneously

An extremely quick railway track construction process is not the only important aspect of a well developed infrastructure. Using the right machines and techniques is crucial for maintaining a dynamic track innovation. Stabirail does this efficiently by using a special sequence of three machines mounted on specially designed trains. This includes a state-of-the-art 3D system, which realizes the high accuracy. The three machines work simultaneously in the most accurate and efficient way: a concrete milling machine, a drilling machine and a machine for anchoring tracks. The new method for laying slab tracks by Stabirail revolutionizes railroad and railway construction. They have earned their title as one of the world’s most innovative rail contractors.