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A LM 2500 gas turbine that is perfect for marine and industrial sectors

When looking for a LM 2500 gas turbine from a reliable supplier, Mechanical Field Support B.V. (MFS) is the ideal company to partner up with. Their business philosophy is based on finding solutions for cost effective and reliable operation of your equipment in close cooperation with you as a customer and partner.They have spent years specializing in gas turbine maintenance, services, site management and spare part delivery. Today, they have expanded to all regions of the world with a large team of experts.


High quality LM2500 gas turbine

If you are looking for a high quality LM2500 gas turbine, MFS offers you a significant reduction in costs in comparison to OEM rates. Besides that, their engineers are the absolute best in the field, ensuring you receive high quality service. The LM2500 gas turbine is used within offshore industries, commercial marine and power generation plant. MFS offers two types of LM2500: the LM2500 that delivers 33,600 shp and the LM2500+ that delivers 40,500 shp. They offer other LM series turbines, such as the 1600, 5000 and 6000 to choose from. This series offers high efficiency, competitive prices, low downtime and high quality. Get your LM2500 from MFS and receive Long Term Service Agreements that provide you the opportunity for regular inspections, maintenance and repairs on gas turbines.


Let them take care of your power

Looking for suppliers of spare parts for LM 2500 and other gas turbines? Contact them immediately! Their employees will strive at all times to improve profitability, reduce downtime and decrease total cost of ownership for your business. MFS provides consulting, training and field service as well. For maintenance, support and replacement parts for your gas turbine engines, Mechanical Field Support B.V. is your partner of choice. Let them take care of your power and get in touch with them.